... Steyr armoniously combines its tradition-rich past and vibrant present in a beautiful symbiosis! 

Steyr am Nationalpark, rich in culture, industry, nature and architecture, is a liveable and loveable small town. Situated in the middle of the Austrian Romantic Road between Salzburg and Vienna, the 1,000-year old town is a veritable jewel of architecture. In the historic Stadtplatz Square townhouses dating back to various stylistic epochs stand harmoniously side by side. The Enns and Steyr Rivers that have influenced Steyr’s development for centuries picturesquely meet right below the Lamberg Castle.


The city

"Steyr by the Nationalpark", "Romantic city Steyr", "Eisenstadt Steyr", "Christkindl city Steyr" are some of the names of the lovely small city, rich in culture, industry, nature and architecture. Town houses from different stylistic epochs are lined up harmoniously on the historic town square. Experience the special flair of the city of Steyr and convince yourself of the harmonious symbiosis between the traditional past and the pulsating present!

Take a virtual walk through the city with us and discover all the highlights!

Virtual walk

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The region

Steyr is located in the heart of Austria, large cities such as Salzburg and Vienna can be reached in a maximum of 2 hours by car along the Romantic Road. But there is also so much to discover beyond the well-known hotspots.

Near the rivers Enns and Steyr you will find extensive sceneries for cycling and walking. The old Steyr Valley Museum Railway takes you to the Kalkalpen National Park region. Explore the peaks of the surrounding mountains by foot or by mountain bike. 

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