nitrogen-containing hemoglobin degradation products. In the liver via the bile is excreted in the form of bilirubin and biliverdin. Basically, bile pigments excreted in the faeces, partly in the urine. High levels of blood lead to jaundice. Simptomyi for you. Decreased appetite, weight loss, weakness, headache, night blindness, degenerative sensation of the mucous membranes burns pain in the eyes, conjunctivitis appearance, cracks and scabs in the corners of the mouth, stomatitis aphthous, inflammation of the tongue where can i buy motilium (red tongue bright, dry), seborrheic dermatitis, particularly strong in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, the nose, the wings, the ears, dry itchy inflammation of the skin of hands. Changes during the nervous system, anemia. Care. wound treatment hub 3% of the original hydrogen peroxide solution, or solutions in alcohol - 5% iodine, 2%, or brilliant green. It has also been shown to pole ultraviolet radiation. Fungal tumor burn lyapisnym pen, at least - immediately removed.